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Posted:  November 24, 2023

It takes a dedicated team of professionals to make any successful move or installation a seamless process from start to finish. It’s no wonder countless companies trust the expertise of Roberts Onsite to provide top tier equipment installation and equipment relocations.

With 85 years of experience, Roberts Onsite is one of the most trusted multi-trade contractors in the industry. Thanks to decades of performing industrial equipment installations and equipment relocations, we know what it takes to make your facility run smoothly.

Here are some real-life examples of how our skilled crews helped businesses integrate new equipment into their facility, or how we helped move equipment into a new facility.

Henry Co Install Equipment for Hot Melt System 4

Installing a state-of-the-art hot melt system

When a GTA-based company focused on air/vapor barriers, roofing and waterproofing systems required a new hot melt system they contacted Roberts Onsite. Our Millwrighting and Rigging team devised a plan to put this new system into place. It started with fabricating and installing structural steel platforms and stairs. Next to that, the team placed and secured new tanks, silos and augers.

Then came interconnecting pipe, sensors and control cabling connected by our project partner. Lastly, we placed and aligned pumps; installed tank agitators, shafts and blades to complete the project. Once the systems were tested and commissioned, this new hot melt system was operational.

Ljunghall Smelter Furnace Install 1

Installing a 103 ton smelter furnace

Tackling a 103-ton challenge is no small feat, and a Waterloo Region-based manufacturer called on Roberts Onsite for this project. It practically took a village to put this furnace into place and was an all-hands-on-deck endeavour.

Roberts Onsite and our highly skilled millwrighting and rigging department provided the necessary equipment, labour and technical know-how to install this equipment at our client’s new processing facility. Two cranes and a gantry system were utilized to put this 103-ton smelter furnace into place. Once in place, the furnace body, melt shaft and gas hood measured a combined 22’ in length, 15’ in width and about 30’ in height. Our professionals worked with equipment manufacturers to install and implement additional processing equipment including CNC machines; coordinate measuring machines; and an x-ray machine.

Vari Form 4000 ton Press Relocation Install 1

Relocating a monumental 4000-ton project

If you thought rigging a 100+ ton furnace took a big team to pull off successfully, imagine a project 40 times the weight in scope. That’s exactly what happened when a Southern Ontario-based manufacturer needed us to transport and install a 4000-ton press.

40 truckloads of machinery made it across the border from the United States, including 3 super loads averaging 170,000 lbs that required specialized trailers and Police escorts. The total weight was in excess of 2,000,000 lbs. Once on site, it took eight weeks to reassemble and commission the press. Despite this massive scale project, it was completed within the strict budget and timeframe. We were in charge of connecting all electrical and mechanical services to the press and commissioned it. The press now produces frames for the Corvette.

Extremely happy with the result, the client said: “I am very pleased to recommend Roberts Onsite Inc. for any project requiring a single trade or a multi-trade collaboration along with excellent project management.”


Supporting construction of a 155,000 square foot plant

Building from the ground up and installing industrial equipment is another area of expertise for Roberts Onsite. A GTA-based industrial company approached us to spearhead the installation of equipment for their 155,000 square foot facility in Brampton

Roberts Onsite organized the installation of all the process, production and packing equipment sourced from various vendors. The entire production system was installed on an intricate layout of structural support frames, mezzanines, catwalks and platforms. Our team installed all the equipment required to manufacture asphalt shingles including laminators, drop tables, cutters, slitter, and index conveyors, as well as the material handling systems and bulk material handling equipment.

In order to pull off this installation, complex timing and scheduling had to be followed in order not to disrupt the flow of electrical services, mechanical systems and sheet metal trades. In the end, our millwright and ironworker installation expertise made this project a big win for everyone involved.

Hanwha Equipment Installation 1

Equipment Installation at a 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility

Yet another manufacturing facility success story, a London based industrial manufacturer came to Roberts Onsite with a tall task; complete all millwrighting services, piping, electrical installations and rigging equipment requirements for a brand-new 200,000 square foot facility.

Over the course of two weeks, Roberts Onsite’s professionals offloaded and assembled 82 containers from various countries. The equipment consisted of silica sand silos, weighing belts, resin tanks, mixing tanks, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, crushers, vacuum press, kiln, calibration machines, grinders, polishers and cutting machines.

To bring the plant to life, we assembled the process equipment, and installed, connected, tested and commissioned all electrical installations and piping service requirements.


Why you should trust Roberts Onsite

If you’re considering a plant relocation, equipment installation, or having intricate machines need to be disassembled and reassembled, you can count on 85 years of expertise and experience from Roberts Onsite. From millwrighting services, to rigging equipment, electrical installations, and mechanical system projects.

With 24-hour onsite service, we’re always ready to serve you and your business. And with a team of over 250 skilled technicians, your project is always in excellent hands. Contact Roberts Onsite today for complete equipment installation and relocation solutions.

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