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Roberts Onsite and our highly skilled millwrighting and rigging department provided the necessary equipment, labour and technical know-how to install a 103 ton furnace for a local-area manufacturer.

At Ljunghall Canada’s new processing facility, we used two cranes, a gantry system comprised of 4 – 100 ton gantry legs; 2 – 30’ beams; and 120’ of track in order to offload and place a 103 ton aluminum smelter furnace.

Once in place, the furnace body, melt shaft and gas hood measured a combined 22’ in length, 15’ in width and about 30’ in height.

Following the furnace installation, we worked with the equipment manufacturers to install additional processing equipment including CNC machines; coordinate measuring machines; and an x-ray machine.

Furnace Installation
Furnace Installation
Heavy Machinery Installation
Furnace Installation
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