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Posted:  February 14, 2024

Every day, countless commuters make their way through city streets, and it takes a myriad of variables to make everything run smoothly on a daily basis. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. While waiting for building new infrastructure, smart traffic management systems can help municipalities improve the safety and efficiency of existing roadways in a shorter timeframe.

Roberts Onsite’s experience and expertise with the installation of traffic signals and utilities make us the ideal choice for your smart traffic solution implementation partner.

Roberts Onsite smart traffic system
A smart traffic system

Utilizing smart traffic management systems

Plugging into technology, municipalities can use advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to not only collect real-time data, but to predict how traffic will flow in the future. Devices, cameras, and sensors harvest data in real-time.

Analysts then comb over the data to generate insights into existing traffic patterns and congestion points. Using historical data, analytics can determine where and when potential issues may arise down the line. Increased use of data analytics tools helps cities analyze traffic patterns and make informed decisions.

Traffic signal controllers can also use non intrusive technologies to display real-time traffic data for better monitoring and management. Depending on traffic flow, traffic engineers may adjust signals according to live traffic condition and ease congestion in specific areas.

Planners can use the analysis of existing traffic patterns to discern where resources should be deployed in real-time and where resources may need to be allocated in future cases. These analytics can allow cities to be proactive instead of reactive.

Traffic signal installation

Roberts Onsite offers installation services for smart traffic control

Roberts Onsite can provide your team the installation expertise for the cutting edge of smart traffic solutions for any municipality; from traffic control lights to fully integrated smart transportation systems. Building a smarter and more efficient traffic flow starts with optimized traffic control services.

Around the clock 24-hour service and maintenance is provided for all traffic intersection and streetlight repairs. Our team has the latest equipment and knowledge to complete your traffic signal and street light installation.

To learn more about our experience and expertise with smart traffic solutions, contact our team today.

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