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Posted:  February 6, 2023

Plant relocations are an exciting yet challenging endeavour for businesses. It means the potential to expand, improve, and increase revenue.

Relocations can also be very stressful and complicated. One important area that shouldn’t be overlooked in the relocation phase is minimizing production and revenue loss. If you’ve outgrown your current facility, Roberts Onsite can facilitate your complete move to a new location.

It’s vital to minimize the overall impact on your business, and that starts with informing all the critical parties like management, the machine operator, maintenance, subcontractors and consultants.

Installing utility infrastructure in a new factory

Next, delegate a team to oversee the move, and set a schedule for the relocation and machinery moving. The schedule should include phases, shifts, product inventory levels, raw material deliver.

To minimize confusion, create a library of resources for easy access; everything from layouts to manuals, equipment asset numbers, a utility schedule, foundation and trench plans.

It’s also handy to have the scope of work in mind and the specifications for the move itself. Installing utility infrastructure (electrical, mechanical, civil, structural) in the new location beforehand will also minimize downtime once they have made the transition.

Preparing a commissioning schedule and predictive maintenance of equipment will also reduce any potential revenue loss during the manufacturing plant relocation.

Process Equipment Installation

Picking up and moving from one plant to another often comes with many working pieces, but Roberts Onsite and our millwrighting and rigging team can help it fit your company back together again. By managing your entire manufacturing plant relocation and machinery moving project, big or small, Roberts Onsite are the professionals in turnkey plant relocation services.

Speak to a team member today to plan your factory or plant relocation.

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