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Denso Manufacturing Canada Inc. produces automotive heating ventilation and air conditioning units, radiators, condensers, engine fans and cooling modules for their North American customers.

Working with the project team, Roberts Onsite assisted to engineer and design a complete turn-key addition to Denso’s existing auto parts manufacturing facility located in Guelph. The addition, which was more than double the size of the existing facility, was built without any interruption to production, allowing the facility to operate at 100% capacity.

The 120,000-sq. ft. base building addition comprised offices and a production facility. The addition was designed to accommodate upgraded associated services for the installation of future process equipment.

Electricians installed a 480 Volt line, high voltage switchgear, standby generator, bus duct, panels, lighting, fire alarm, and rooftop cable trays. Fibre Optic and copper backbone was installed to the various shop IT ports with CAT6 drops to all line side stations. Renovations to the existing office area as well as the addition of new washrooms were also completed.

Our pipefitters installed an additional 750 hp of compressed air, doubled the capacity of the existing cooling water system by adding a cooling tower, heat exchanger, tower pumps, and process pumps. The existing nitrogen system was expanded as was the existing HVAC system and the existing piping systems.

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