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Posted:  March 28, 2023

It’s true what they say; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As one of the most trusted predictive maintenance companies, Roberts Onsite can save your company time and money by reducing operating costs, increasing the lifespan of your equipment, planning for large-scale equipment improvements and upgrades, and realizing increased environmental sustainability.

There’s nothing worse than downtime, especially unexpected downtime which may cause interruptions to business and manufacturing process flow, damages assets, and massive financial losses. Predictive equipment maintenance solutions and maintenance support can keep your business running smoothly. Roberts Onsite understands that regular equipment maintenance goes a long way to improve your bottom line and ensure your company performs at peak efficiency always.

Preventative maintenance goes a long way to prolonging the life of your main switchgear by performing equipment maintenance every two to three years.

The preventative maintenance inspection process begins with an assessment by a Roberts Onsite IR scanning technician and licensed electrician. They will assess customer’s main electrical distribution, scan all main electrical components, and provide a report of their findings.

After the initial inspection, Roberts Onsite will coordinate with local utilities (e.g., Enova Power) to set up isolation for switchgear maintenance cleaning and readings of the main switchgear.

Thermography inspection

Thermography Inspection Report

One major part of a comprehensive electrical safety and preventative maintenance program is a Thermography (IR) Inspection of electrical equipment. A Level II Certified Thermographer conducts this inspection two to three weeks before a main shutdown.

A Thermography Inspection provides a full review of electrical equipment from top to bottom and records pictures of distribution equipment, disconnects, and electrical panels. Experienced technicians will evaluate the findings from the Level II Certified Thermographer.

It is recommended that devices that show thermal anomalies either be inspected and replaced or repaired as required by a qualified, licensed electrician. A licensed electrician with rich experience will use crucial aspects like temperature rise and importance of the equipment to prioritize which concerns should be addressed first with minimal impact on the production line.

Upon completion of the initial IR inspection, a generated report provides a glimpse into the working order of each electrical component. It makes recommendations based on knowledge of the electrical system, experience, industry standards, and best practices at the time the report is generated.

Companies should review this information every year to ensure an accurate predictive maintenance program.

Arc Flash Study

Arc Flash Study

An Arc Flash Study is required by the CSA Z462 Electrical Safety Standard and all corporate electrical safety programs. An Arc Flash analysis reviews electrical equipment thoroughly from top to bottom and records information, including pictures of distribution equipment, transformers, generators, electrical panels, and motors.

The information gathered in the Arc Flash Study helps companies familiarize themselves with the electrical system. It also helps avoid red flag scenarios which could become dangerous to them or others.

In the process of an Arc Flash Study, if particular pieces of equipment cannot be accessed or shut down, assumptions will be made about the equipment based on electrical codes, regulations and industry or corporate standards.

After the initial assessment, the data is entered into an Arc Flash assessment software for further evaluation. The software produces a single-line diagram, which notes any items or areas which highlight a potential arc flash hazard in the single-line diagram. Arc Flash studies do not evaluate the suitability of equipment for its end use.

Following the Arc Flash inspection, a generated report will make recommendations based on knowledge of the electrical system. This information should be reviewed every year to give the most accurate results.

There’s reactive, there’s proactive, and then there’s predictive. With top-of-the-line predictive maintenance from Roberts Onsite, our maintenance support and predictive maintenance services will limit downtime for your company. We offer many predictive maintenance services including press inspections, substation maintenance, operational maintenance and more.


For help on your predictive maintenance project, contact Roberts Onsite today.

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