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Substation maintenance
Teams of electricians conduct annual substation maintenance to ensure optimum performance of HV equipment.

Kuntz Electroplating Inc. is North America’s largest independent plating facility, providing plating and polishing services for automotive manufacturers.

To ensure that their facility’s electrical systems are functioning properly and efficiently, Roberts Onsite conducts a thorough substation inspection and maintenance annually.

During one-day production shut down, teams of up to 18 electricians inspect the 15KV/4160V switch gear and 6 – 4.16KV-600V substations throughout the facility.

In the weeks leading up to the one-day maintenance, we complete an infrared scan of the substations to locate any possible issues or areas of concern. We isolate the hydro loads so that the utility can disconnect the incoming overhead lines. The main pole-mounted switch is then thoroughly inspected, cleaned, tested, operated, and lubricated.

Upon completion, we provide the customer with a detailed test report and the infrared scan results. The test report includes multi-year data, allowing us to track the equipment functioning and forecast any major repairs for budgeting purposes.

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