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To accommodate future growth at their St. Marys food packaging processing facility, Maple Leaf Foods turned to Roberts Onsite.

Roberts Onsite provided a turn-key installation of two 2000KVA 13.8kV/600V/347V step-down transformers with one 3-section high voltage switchgear and related fusing.

We installed one corner pole and one dip line to bring the overhead power lines underground. We coordinated the construction of the concrete pads needed to support the switchgear and transformers; as well as the duct banks required. Two runs of 2500A cable bus carrying the power into the facility were installed from the transformers up the galley between the transformers and the building, across the roof and down into the newly installed 2500A 500/347V switchboard. We transferred the existing switchboard branch feeders to the new one through extended branch feeds.

Once the system was operational, our crews removed the old switchboard, feeder cable, cable tray, high voltage substation and power line. Lastly coordination/ARC flash studies and testing were conducted to ensure proper and safe functioning of the equipment.

Maple Leaf Foods
HV Power upgrades
HV Power Upgrades
HV Power Upgrades
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