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The Napanee Combined Cycle Power Plant, located on the shores of Lake Ontario, has a net capacity of 900MW and will generate on-demand electricity for the province when in full operation. Roberts Onsite and our parent company Black & McDonald, completed the entire electrical installation for the new power plant. Built on 93 acres of land, the new facility includes two 271 MW gas turbine/generator sets and a 457 MW steam turbine/generator set.

Our electricians completed the installation of the 900MW switchyard. They connected the switchyard to the high side of each generator step-up (GSU) transformer; and rigged and welded the isolated-phase bus from the low side of each GSU transformer to the unit auxiliary (UAT) transformers; excitation transformers; HV breakers and generators. Non-segregated bus duct was installed from the UATs to the 5KV main control building; as well as between the excitation transformers to each of the gas generators.

We completed all of the 600 voltage and control wiring for the combustion turbines, steam turbines, cooling tower, water treatment system, the chemical feed building and the heat recovery steam generators. We also assisted the owner’s OEM representatives with the installation of the turbines and generators.

To bring all of the systems on line, our commissioning team completed a range of tests including high-potting, meggar tests, point-to-point, mechanical operation and functionality testing of equipment. As dictated by the owner, a quality assurance/ quality control program specifically designed for the construction of power generation plants was applied to this project. All aspects of our scope, including materials purchasing, receiving, site deliveries, field installations, and commissioning, met the strict QA/QC requirements.

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