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Posted:  April 20, 2023

There’s nothing worse than a problem you can’t see. Electrical issues are often hard to detect on the surface, which is why licensed electricians perform thermography inspections to look at your electrical components underneath the surface.

Thermography inspection 2

What is a thermography inspection?

A thermography inspection of electrical equipment is also known as an infrared electrical inspection. This inspection is one part of a comprehensive electrical safety and preventive maintenance program. 2 to 3 weeks before a main shut down, a Level II Certified Thermographer from Roberts Onsite team will use infrared video and still cameras to review electrical equipment from top to bottom while recording information, including pictures of distribution equipment, disconnects, and electrical panels. Heat indicators will detect any electrical issues that are there, but normal eyes or devices can’t recognize. The findings from the Level II Certified Thermographer are then evaluated by experienced technicians and combined into a Thermal Scan Inspection Report.

How does thermography inspection help with predictive maintenance?

Having your electrical equipment in proper working order is key to limiting downtime for your business. Thermography reports limit the risk of equipment failure, boost system performance, increase safety, and overall save you money in the long run. These inspections provide a full review of electrical equipment, reveal thermal anomalies, and that equipment should be replaced or repaired. These reports uncover underlying issues with your electrical equipment like faulty wiring or failing breakers. This report also makes recommendations based on the electrical system, experience, industry standards and best practices.

How often should electrical systems be thermographically inspected?

It is recommended that thermography inspection should be conducted on a yearly basis. This helps ensure that the most accurate and up to date information is available for important electrical components. With regular maintenance, preventative measures can often stop problems before they even begin.


Roberts Onsite with our 85 years of experience providing electrical services can help with your annual thermography inspection and predictive maintenance. Contact us today!

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