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Roberts Onsite completed a main service upgrade project for the Math & Computer Building at the University of Waterloo. The service upgrade affected four buildings in total: Mathematics & Computer, Davis Centre Library, Mathematics #3 and the Earth Sciences & Chemistry Building.

We removed the existing HV cable loop running from the central utilities building to the four buildings in the complex, and replaced it with over 5,800' of 3 conductor, 15KV teck cable.

Within the Math & Computer Building we replaced the existing transformers which included demolishing the existing switch gear and transformers. We installed the required high voltage 15KV cable, switchgear, and associated mechanical cooling equipment. We also facilitated the installation of an exterior pad mounted generator complete with concrete pad.

In order to compress the schedule and help to ensure that the necessary power shutdowns took place prior to the start of the fall school semester, the University pre-purchased several pieces of electrical equipment which we received, offloaded, placed and installed. The equipment included: two mini-substations complete with integral transformers; the main 600V/ 3000A main switch gear; power distribution panels (1200A/ 600V power panel including a 1200A bypass isolation automatic transfer switch; and a 400A/ 600V, 3-phase panel); Life Safety Transfer Switch.

To minimize the impact on university staff, the power outages required to complete the work were staggered on separate days and scheduled on off-peak hours whenever possible.

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