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Icynene has been a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance spray foam insulation for over 30 years. Roberts Onsite converted the manually operated batching system with a high potential for errors and mistakes into a 100% automated batching and mixing system.

The system developed by our Automation Controls & Engineering group for Icynene’s medium-density foam production line eliminated operator error; ensured product consistency; and increased daily productivity. We provided variable frequency drives, PLC programming and automated valves.

Features of the program include real-time notifications sent by text and email; the ability to track changes through the use of batch and event report generation; and recipe management.

As the existing system was running at maximum capacity and in order to meet future demands, an upgrade was required. Our millwrighting and rigging; and mechanical departments installed additional bulk tanks, structural steel, stainless steel piping, pumps and level monitoring controls. The implementation of the new pumps and the enlarged stainless steel piping for the nine different materials being transferred through the piping system allowed for an increase in production through a reduction in batch timing.

The project resulted in material savings; improvements in batching quality; and increased efficiencies in production time and manpower allotments.

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