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Roberts Onsite's communications technicians ran 2,100 CAT6A cables throughout the newly built, 35,000-square foot OPP Provincial Communications Centre in London, ON which serves as a key dispatch centre for Western Ontario.

A raised floor system was put in place in the communications and data centre rooms in order to accommodate the volume of cables fed to each workstation. All of the 89 console workstations for dispatchers were equipped with 19 CAT6A cables. The server cabinets and cable cabinets received 4” square brushed grommets for the cables routing up through the raised floor. The data centre received 10 cable cabinets, 5 server cabinets and 14 2-post racks.

The voice and radio cables installed to the workstation consoles were terminated on a GigaBIX CAT6 Cross-Connect system. All of the voice cables were terminated in patch panels in the cabinets. From the cabinets, the voice cables were installed to the GigaBIX system on a one-to-one basis. All other CAT6A data cables were terminated on patch panels in various cabinets in the data centre.

OPP Cable Tray
OPP Cabinet
OPP Server Room
OPP Communications Cabinet
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