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Roberts Onsite provided a multi-trade solution for the replacement of a rooftop MRI chiller unit at an area acute care facility.

Our Mechanical and Electrical teams safely disconnected the piping and power feeds running to the existing unit to allow it to be lowered to the ground. The new unit was then raised onto the roof and put in place.

Our Mechanical team re-connected the supply and return lines for glycol and water. Our Electrical team installed new feeders from the existing panel and made updates to the panel to accommodate the power requirements of the new system.

The existing unit was being replaced with a more energy-efficient, self-contained, propylene glycol process chiller and air-cooled condenser. The new unit uses low outside air temperatures to chill the liquid instead of relying solely on the refrigeration system.

When the outside air temperatures get too high, the chiller kicks in. On cooler days, or in the event of a power outage, municipal water is used to cool the MRI machine.

Mri chiller
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