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Roberts Onsite provides scheduled and emergency repairs of highway electrical and lighting systems.

We have a four-year contract to inspect and repair the systems on MTO highways in Southwestern Ontario.

Our Utilities electricians maintain street lights and traffic signals. They also make sure the power supplies and the advance traffic management systems are working properly. The variable message signs that span the highway are also inspected and repaired as needed.

Twice a year, our electricians inspect, check, test, clean, lubricate and make minor repairs on all parts of the lighting system. The luminaires, lighting brackets and wiring are inspected. The electricians also look at the poles and frangible safety poles and bases. Any pads, footings, and raising and lowering devices are addressed. The sub-stations, distribution assemblies, traffic cabinets, and power supplies are also inspected and repaired.

We also complete non-scheduled maintenance work. Our Utilities crews respond to calls to repair traffic signal and highway lights. We also make repairs for issues caused by bad weather and collision damage. We will address emergency outages. We are also called to site to fix cabinet programming issues or errors.

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