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Roberts Onsite designed and installed environmental controls for a licensed cultivator of medical and recreational cannabis operating in the Waterloo Region.

Our Automation Controls & Engineering group addressed several aspects of the production process, providing grow room controls; dryer controls and reverse osmosis system controls.

For 9 grow rooms, we designed, programmed and installed the system that directs lighting and water pumps and interfaces with the HVAC system. It is also tied into the company’s Slack instant messaging platform to allow for real-time notifications of abnormal room control levels.

In 8 separate drying chambers we designed and produced the program that control fans and heaters to dry the product to the required humidity levels. This system also interfaces with the HVAC and Slack systems.

The third aspect we addressed was the RO water system. The system controls program we developed features closed-loop pressure controls with VFD-driven pumps that control the circulation and supply pumps that distribute water for all of the plants in the facility.

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