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Masco Canada is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of plumbing-related products in the Canadian marketplace.

Masco Canada acquired a 475,000 sq. ft. building previously used as an automotive assembly plant. The acquisition allowed Masco Canada to merge three separate operations under one roof: a warehouse, and the manufacturing process for the BrassCraft® and Delta® brands.

The Roberts Onsite team removed and decommissioned all the existing services present within the former assembly plant, including a complete paint shop. Our electricians supplied and installed a 130 KW standby generator that powered their computer system and emergency lighting during construction.

Roberts Onsite designed and installed the electrical distribution systems to feed over 400 pieces of production equipment. Our team relocated a 1600-amp buss duct and feeders from non-production to production areas. We also supplied electrical services for the warehouse equipment and forklift vehicle charging stations. The interior lights were retrofit to more cost-effective, efficient units, complete with occupancy sensors in the warehouse space. The entire installation was tested, inspected, and commissioned prior to handing it over to the customer.

Equipment Installation
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