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Alexandra Hospital has served the community of Ingersoll and surrounding areas for over 100 years. In a continuous effort to upgrade the building to current efficiencies Roberts Onsite was contracted by the hospital to replace two obsolete steam boilers.

Due to a continuous demand for steam, this complex boiler removal and replacement had to be completed quickly and without interrupting hospital operations.

In order to meet these stringent conditions temporary boilers were installed outside the main boiler room to maintain continuous steam to the hospital. All services were then disconnected from the existing boilers and the boilers were removed. Structural & civil modifications were necessary to accommodate the new boilers.

Two new high efficiency boilers complete with energy saving economizers were then installed and electrical and mechanical services were connected. Once the new boilers were tested and commissioned the temporary boilers were disconnected and removed. This project was completed meeting the customer’s very tight timeline and without any interruption to the hospital.

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