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LANXESS manufactures synthetic lubricants and additives for lubricants, plastics, and rubber at their Elmira production facility.

Roberts Onsite designed a new afterburner controls system that incinerates chemical residue left over from the production process.

The existing afterburner controls system needed to be replaced. The panel had started to corrode, and many components and parts had become increasingly harder to find making repairs costly and time-consuming. Documentation detailing the functions of the existing system was not available, hindering real-time troubleshooting when the system failed.

Our Automations Controls & Engineering group designed, built, programmed and commissioned the new system complete with PLC, HMI and burner controls.

We decommissioned and removed the existing equipment, and replaced obsolete feed-sensing devices. To prevent future corrosion of the panel, we used a NEMA-4X Stainless Steel enclosure for the panel.

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