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Posted:  December 15, 2022

We are proud to be a sponsor of the PROPEL Program of the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Program at Grand River Hospital.
In honour of the pledge we have made to the GRH Foundation over the next 5 years, they have offered us the opportunity to name their family visiting room, and we are so grateful!

PROPEL was piloted in 2017 as part of GRH's outpatient program. It is built on the concept of resiliency; a crucial element in a person's ability to trust themselves and others, form meaningful social connections, take appropriate risks, cope with a crisis, and adapt to change. PROPEL allows young people to achieve these skills by broadening their social circles, trying new activities that interest them, and taking part in experiences that increase their self-confidence.

Thank you Grand River Hospital for all the work you do for our community.

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