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Roberts Onsite Inc. recently completed a power metering project for the operations of a local lighting manufacturer.

Our trained electricians installed the owner-supplied power meter hardware and liaised with the manufacturer to bring the system online for the customer.

The system provided a real-time look at the various power usage requirements of the manufacturing facility allowing the owner to determine, at a micro level, which pieces of equipment used the highest amount of energy and at what periods of the day. The scope of work included:

  • Entry into the 600 V splitter to add 54 split-style current transformers (one per phase / per disconnect)
  • Running suitable conduit from the splitter to 8 individual J Boxes
  • Wiring the 54 current transformers (through the conduit) to the J Boxes
  • Installing a single voltage sensor in the 600 V splitter
  • Mounting and powering (120V) two WebMeters
  • Running network cables from the J boxes to the two WebMeters
  • Installing additional 120V plugs.
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