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Rear Rotor Grit Blaster Automation for TRW Canada Ltd.

TRW Canada Ltd. - Rear Rotor Grit Blaster Automation

TRW is a primary developer and producer of active and passive safety systems and serves all major vehicle manufacturers worldwide with an established footprint that includes facilities in more than 20 countries.  ZF TRW is already providing many driver assist and semi-automated functions today, such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, blind spot detection, lane change assist, emergency steering assist, and emergency brake assist and collision mitigating.
Roberts Onsite was contracted by TRW to install a new automated grit blasting system in line with their current machining processes.  This project was unique in that our Automation Controls and Engineering group had to design, build and integrate various OEM supplied systems into their current operation. The project included the delivery of a custom automated robotic material handling system, custom automation equipment including multiple part handling stops on the existing conveyor as well as robot end of arm tooling to hold and sense parts. The third party supplied equipment included an ABB IRB4600 Robot and Empire Abrasives custom dual bay grit blaster.
This project required the relocation of existing equipment to make room for the new cell.  Our multi trade services included safely isolating and removing all existing electrical and mechanical services, installation of new electrical and mechanical services, the physical relocation and installation of all equipment, design, build programming and integration as well as new guarding and safety solutions including a final Pre-Start Health and Safety Review for the entire system. We provided the customer with a comprehensive solution from initial consulting through to operator training and after sales support.  All work was performed with RO staff and this project was completed on time, on schedule and on budget.


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