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Generator Transfer Switch Replacement for London International Airport Authority

London International Airport Authority  - Generator Transfer Switch Replacement

The London International Airport is a hub for general aviation services in Southwestern Ontario. In 1998 control of the Airport was transferred from Transport Canada to the Greater London International Airport Authority. London International Airport now ranks as the 12th busiest passenger airport in Canada and the 11th busiest airport as measured by aircraft take-offs and landings. The Airport is home to over 50 businesses and generates an economic impact to the area in excess of $357 million.
Roberts Onsite was contracted by the GLIAA to replace an existing generator transfer switch that was about to fail. Prior to removal and installation provisions were taken to install an emergency backup generator. This precaution was taken in case of a loss in power during the installation. The new transfer switch, weighing over one ton, needed to be installed in a 50 year old building with low plaster ceilings and through a standard door opening.  Special rigging and hoisting techniques were required to not only get the new switch in but the old one out. This project was completed in a 4 hour window, after the last flight at 12:30 am yet before the first flight at 4:30 am. During that time the old transfer switch was removed, the new transfer switch installed, inspected by ESA, and commissioned. Of note; older transfer switches typically have a generator controller built in, with today’s high tech equipment built in controllers are impractical. Prior to installation our Automation Controls and Engineering group design built a new controller that was also installed, inspected and put into service during that 4 hour window.  The temporary stand-by generator was removed and all services were put back into operation as scheduled. This project was completed on time, on schedule and to the customer’s satisfaction.


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