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Roctel - Ford Line Safety Upgrade for Linamar

Linamar - Roctel - Ford Line Safety Upgrade

Linamar is a tier 1 automotive component supplier and assembly machining facility located in Guelph, Ontario. They contracted Roberts Onsite (A.R. Milne) to work exclusively with their engineering and maintenance team members as a local resource to handle the design, engineering planning, installation and commissioning of their Ford Line as well as meet the Canadian safety requirements as set out in the CSA and ANSI standards. Many Canadian companies that purchase equipment do not meet the CSA standards and can cause injuries to workers when the simple circuitry does not operate in a fail to safe manner. To remedy this problem the primary objective was to improve the reliability of the control circuits should a single fault occur to these controls. The criterion the CSA standard sets out is something called Control Reliable in North America or similarly Category 3 in Europe. Roberts Onsite (A.R. Milne) designed and integrated a control reliable system that through fault tolerant redundancy (duplication of controls) will default to a safe state and prevent the restarting of the machinery. This equipment is subject to an engineering review called a Pre Start Health and Safety Review (PSHSR) under Ontario Regulation 851 section seven (7).  We integrated Safety PLC’s, Safe Variable Frequency Drives, Servos, air valves and gate access interlocks on 36 CNC & Robotic machines. These upgrades saved Linamar time and money and allowed the workers to access the machinery safely through the design of the system and the application of safeguards. This project was completed on time and to the expectations of the customer and we continue to expand this service throughout Linamar’s Guelph facilities.


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