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Sun Chips Line Weigh Scale Upgrades for Frito Lay Inc.

Frito Lay Inc. - Sun Chips Line Weigh Scale Upgrades

Frito Lay is Canada’s largest snack food manufacturer.  Roberts Onsite was contracted by Frito Lay to upgrade the weighing section of the Sun Chip line.  Due to the nature of this job we ran 12 hour shifts for up to four days in order to complete the project on time.  Prior to the shutdown we met with Frito Lay and the customer’s vendors received our schedule and discussed our work plan to achieve these milestone start-up dates. When the shutdown started we isolated all electrical and mechanical service, locked them out, checked for O potential and then disconnected all of the equipment involved.  We removed the old and installed the new equipment such as scales, pneumatic conveying systems and a custom platform.  All electrical and mechanical services were reconnected and the system was commissioned.  Once commissioned, the newly upgraded equipment was turned over to the customer and they put in to production trials.  Once the line met the needs of the facility it was put into full production.  All milestone dates were met with no incident and the customer’s satisfaction.


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