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Belmont Solar Farm for First Solar Development Inc.

First Solar Development Inc. - Belmont Solar Farm

First Solar Development was founded in 1999 and has become the world’s premier provider of fully integrated solar solutions.  First Solar creates value driven, renewable energy projects that represent the leading edge of utility scale solar technology and innovation.
Roberts Onsite in partnership with Black & McDonald were contracted by First Solar to build a 20 Mega Watt solar farm in Belmont, ON.  This project is one of many that our team is working on.
This project required continuous schedule monitoring from daily/weekly/ three week look ahead’s to resource adjustments with manpower, tools and equipment.  This solar farm was built over 490 acres.  There were 312,000 solar modules mounted to racking that lay on 65,000 driven posts.  There were 320 arrays created that fed to the same number of combiner boxes all of which fed 20 DC to AC inverter houses.  This project was completed to the customer’s satisfaction, on budget and without incident.  Today this farm generates 20 MW of electricity that will be used by South Western Ontario.


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