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Solar Energy Park for First Light & Sun Edison

First Light & Sun Edison - Solar Energy Park

We teamed up with K-Line Construction to offer a complete Medium and High Voltage Package for the First Light/Sun Edison 9.8 Mega Watt solar facility in Napanee, Ontario. Roberts Onsite was responsible for the medium voltage raceways and junction points. We started by supplying and installing the collector boxes that were mounted to the support poles of the PV arrays. From the collector boxes we ran numerous conduits ranging in sizes from 3” to 4” in various configurations in a duct bank to strategically placed DC pull boxes. These large duct bank systems covered acres of the property, all ended back at the main control building (MCB) which housed the main inverter, step up transformers and various control systems. Our partner K-Line continued the installation from the MCB to the High Voltage Grid. This project took place during the extreme winter months and followed through into a wet spring. Today the solar park is up and running and producing clean energy for the residents of the Napanee area.


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