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LED Parking Lot Lights for Firestone Textiles

Firestone Textiles - LED Parking Lot Lights

Since 1935 Firestone Fibers & Textiles has manufactured both standard industry items and unique proprietary materials for specialized applications known for their consistent quality and performance.  The lighting for the Firestone parking lot and ring road around the Woodstock plant was outdated. The 600 volt ballasts could not be maintained and the underground wiring had failed in numerous places.  This plant operates 24/7 and the poor lighting was becoming a safety concern.  Roberts Onsite was contracted to update the wiring and replace any failed underground sections. The fixtures were removed and replaced with new energy efficient LED lights, but with ones that took on the appearance of the existing fixtures. Roberts Onsite also retrofitted the building signs, road signs, the exterior material unload and work spaces with energy efficient LED fixtures.  The overall light lumens more than doubled and the energy savings dramatically reduced the overall consumption.  Firestone security personnel noted that they could for the first time see the employee’s cars in the parking lot which was not only a deterrent for potential thieves but brought safety and peace of mind to the employees.  This job was completed on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.


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