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LED Parking Lot Lights for Electro-Motive

Electro-Motive - LED Parking Lot Lights

Electro-Motive Diesel Inc., is owned by Caterpillar through its wholly owned subsidiary Progress Rail Services Corp.  The company designs, manufactures and sells diesel electric locomotives and diesel power engines under the Electro-Motive Diesel brand. 
The Electro-Motive employee parking lot was poorly lit and an existing camera monitoring system was unable to work properly due to the lack of lighting. Electro-Motive approached Roberts Onsite to increase the overall lumens of the employee parking lot while taking in consideration energy conservation and efficiency.  Roberts Onsite completed a level 1 survey and confirmed the light lumens were low as well as discovered that the existing 50 year old underground wiring could not handle any additional lighting loads.  Our recommendations were to install new energy efficient LED fixtures reducing the overall loads yet achieving the proper lumens for the parking lot.  The existing poles were in good condition but cemented directly into the bases that went 6 ft below ground and could not be readily replaced. We suggested that Electro-Motive reuse the existing poles and we fabricated custom fittings to adapt the new LED light fixtures to the old poles.
The cameras now work properly, the employees on night shift can feel more secure in the parking lot at night and the new LED lighting is much more energy efficient, meeting all of Electro-Motive’s requests.


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