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Transformer Replacement for The City of Guelph

The City of Guelph - Transformer Replacement

Roberts Onsite was contracted by the City of Guelph to replace a transformer at the city’s water pumping station.  The old transformer did not contain PCB’s so we were able to remove the testing and disposal step from our process.  Roberts Onsite’s utility group isolated and locked off all power to the transformer.  Special precautions were taken to verify power was at 0 potential.  A lock box was installed and all workers were required to lock out.  Ground cables were installed and the feeders were disconnected.  The transformer was prepared for removal.  Immediately after removal the new transformer was tested then rigged and set in place.  We used two cranes, one 40 ton and one 165 ton crane to remove and install the transformers.  Once set and secured in place the transformer was re-tested.  All work was verified prior to re-energizing.  Once verified all locks were removed and the system was energized.  This project was completed safely and to the customer’s satisfaction.


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