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GMT 177 for General Motors Canada

General Motors Canada - GMT 177

Roberts Onsite was contracted to install the new GMT 177 body shop that would take the place of the older 192/193 line.  This project consisted of removing and rearranging the existing weld and robotic equipment, installing some new equipment and modifying the existing overhead conveyor.  This would be the forth of many weld shop removal/installations we have performed for GM.
All services were isolated and locked out having been brought to zero potential. All of the electrical and mechanical services were modified to accept the new weld shop layout. There were modifications completed on the drop lifters, tables, jig assemblies and the overhead conveyor. Most of the existing weld line could be reused, relocated and or modified to accept the new weld line layout. All weld and robotic equipment were installed, tested and commissioned.
This project was not as complex as previous retools however it did require detailed scheduling and coordination with the owner and project partners. We were able to work during regular hours and extend the duration of the project to roughly 3 months.  This helped the owner and the project partner keep the costs down. 
This project was completed under budget and to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Roberts Onsite continues to provide multi-trade maintenance and service support to GM/Cami Automotive on a daily basis.

“Your dedicated staff have shared ideas and brought forth solutions to challenges enabling this project to move efficiently towards our goal…”
Yoshimasa Sekiguchi
President, Hokuto North America


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