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GMT 172 for General Motors Canada

General Motors Canada - GMT 172

Roberts Onsite was contracted to install the new GMT 172 body shop that would take the place of GMT 191.  This project consisted of re-tooling of the entire 191 weld shop as well as modifications to the existing overhead conveyor system. This would be the third of many weld shop removal/installations we have performed for GM.
All services were isolated and locked out having been brought to zero potential. All associated equipment was removed and sent to an offsite facility. Due to the relatively young age of the 191 weld and robotic equipment it made more economical sense to retool the 191 equipment versus scrapping it and purchasing an entire new line. While off site we were required to refurbish all the equipment. This included painting, rewiring, changes and modifications to panels etc.  Once complete we shipped all the equipment back to the plant for re-installation. All of the equipment needed to be correctly scheduled so it would flow with the installation schedule. All primary and secondary electrical and piping services were installed to accommodate the new weld shop configuration. Over 214 new robots were installed with end of arm tooling to facilitate welding, sealant application and material transfers from a process of over 1,000 unique fixtures.  Roberts Onsite also provided turn-key modification/installation to the existing overhead conveyor system for the O.E.M. Automatic Systems Inc.
This process was performed over a very condensed 16 week schedule running our work force on 3 shifts. This detailed work schedule resulted in the project being completed quicker than in the past.  In order to allow the client to maintain its production of other vehicles we were required to keep a strict and accurate schedule of events coordinating everything through the owner. This project was complete on time and to the customers satisfaction. Roberts Onsite continues to provide multi-trade maintenance and service support to GM/Cami Automotive on a daily basis.

“We have been extremely satisfied with your past two projects over the last seven years having working with your firm on GMT 191 and GMT 192/193 which encompassed the orchestrated installation of a combined count of over 500 weld robots and fixtures.”
Yoshimasa Sekiguchi
President, Hokuto North America


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