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Base Building for Ferrero Canada

Ferrero Canada - Base Building

Roberts Onsite was contracted to electrically and mechanically support the aggressive base building construction schedule assigned for the Ferrero Rocher plant. Electrically, we installed all process power buss duct systems supplied by Siemens.  We installed all power cabling from the various power distribution substations to miles of buss duct systems, which we installed, and terminated and tested the entire system. Mechanically, we were contracted to upgrade and modify a newly installed water cooling tower system. These HVAC modifications were installed in conjunction with the original installation, allowing for an energy efficient green system. We installed a by-pass duct system that would allow for free, outside air to mix with the current system. With multiple contractors on site working under different contracts, we were able to work in conjunction with others, complete our portion on time and on schedule with little or no interference.


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