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Electrical Work for Armow Wind Farm

Armow Wind Farm - Electrical Work

Wind Power today accounts for 9% of total power production in the Province of Ontario. Although this is not a large number in comparison to the other forms of production wind power is growing at a rate of 25%, the highest amongst all.  The Armow Wind Farm, located just north of Kincardine, is one of these growing wind turbine power production sites. This project was a joint venture between AMEC and Black & McDonald. Roberts Onsite was subcontracted to support the Electrical and Iron Work needs for 91 – 2.3 megawatt wind turbines.

Our electrical group was responsible for all grounding of rebar bases, the tower bases, all transformers, substations, switching stations including all fencing. We installed all of the raceways vertically in the towers, installed and dressed all power, control and communications cables and terminated each conductor. All of these cables were tested, certified and inspected by ESA. We installed all underground conduits, concrete trench boxes and cabling including a SCADA system for the O&M building, substation and switching station. Again all conductors were terminated, tested and inspected by ESA. We completed our electrical portion by installing all support lighting including the NAV light on top of each turbine. Our M&R team was responsible for every bolt installed on the turbine bases. Each bolt was installed, torqued to the specifications.

This project will produce more than 209 Mega watts of power collected at 34.5 KV and then transformed up to 230 KV before the switching station transmits it to Hydro One. The project was completed on time, on schedule and to the owner’s satisfaction.


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