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Assembly Line - PSHSR Remedial Upgrades & Installation for Aisin Canada Inc.

Aisin Canada Inc. - Assembly Line - PSHSR Remedial Upgrades & Installation

Aisin Canada is a tier 1, Japanese owned, supplier to Toyota. They required the services of a contractor to install an Automated Automotive Assembly Line that will produce weld assembled components for the production of Toyotas vehicles in Ontario. Roberts Onsite was contracted to install this line. The line was produced in Japan and shipped to Canada for the purpose of an easier and quicker installation. Given the tight timeline to complete this installation we were required to submit an hour by hour Job Safety Analysis of all work as well as continuous coordination scheduling with Aisin. Once the line was set in place and commissioned a Pre Start Health and Safety Review (PSHSR) under Ontario Regulation 851 section seven (7) was performed and was not completely compliant. The standards around the world vary however Canada has some of the highest standards where machinery is concerned because the government recognizes workers must be safe when working on or around machinery. This was an unexpected issue and could have put the production date in jeopardy. The main issues were in terms of Control Reliability of the systems and the required redundancy of the safety circuits. Roberts Onsite (A.R. Milne) was tasked with working alongside a Japanese and Canadian engineering team to make modifications to the electrical and mechanical systems in order to meet all Ontario PSHSR requirements by applying the requirements as set on in the Canadian Standards CSA Z432 Machine Safety Z142 Presses and Z434 Robots and Robotic Systems. Roberts Onsite’s (A.R. Milne’s) knowledge and application of these standards made for a quick turn around and allowed the client to go into production on schedule. This project was completed without incident and to the customer’s satisfaction.


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