Roberts Onsite is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Black & McDonald Limited
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About Us

Roberts Onsite is one of the largest, most respected multi-trade contractors in Ontario. Since 1938, we have met the needs of a broad range of markets and industries. Our workforce consists of several hundred of the most talented and experienced skilled tradespeople in the industry, supported by a professional team of project managers, estimators and administrative staff. From pre-qualifying through to completion, Roberts Onsite provides planning, budgeting, safety coordination, project management, multi-trade construction and maintenance support—all the trades and services you need to meet the requirements and specifications of your process-driven, building-related or energy installation project. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our priority is your project safely completed on time.

Celebrating 80 Years of Success

Since 1938, we’ve worked more than 24 million hours, installed enough cable to circle the earth, and performed 500,000+ service calls. What’s most astonishing is our amazing customers and staff who made it all happen! To you we say, thank you for making our success possible.

Be sure to check out our new anniversary video for even more fun facts!